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Do-it-Yourself Mosquito Mister 

Are pesty mosquitoes and other biting insects preventing you and your family from fully enjoying your backyard, pool, or patio?  Are you afraid of contracting West Nile Encephalitis virus,  Lyme disease, or other diseases transmitted by flying insects?  Well, now you can do something about it.  And you can do it affordably with a DIY Mosquito Misting System.

In the following pages our goal is to answer all your questions about Mosquito Misting Systems:  What they are, how they work, and how you too can enjoy the benefits of a system at a fraction of the cost.  

First, let's talk about why you're going to save  50%  or more. There are two main reasons: 1.) You're buying direct from the manufacturer,  there are no middleman markups  2.)  You're installing it yourself.  Its easy to do,  most systems can be installed in an afternoon.         

Why buy from Do-it-Yourself Mosquito Mister ?

Quality:  For  years we have been manufacturing systems for some of the largest installers in the industry.  With literally thousands of units in the field,  our  experience has shown us what works and what doesn't. All of our system components have been chosen because they are field proven to be the most reliable season after  season.

Selection: We offer a wide variety of  system components so you can customize a system to your  needs.     

Value:  Bringing you the best quality products at the lowest prices.


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1. Ball Valve 1/4 Tube
2. Mosquito Steve for Direct application
3. Mosquito Steve for Automatic Mosquito Misters
4. Mini Nozzle on 24" riser
5. Mobile Mister

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